Ancient Culture and Landscapes

My friend at ipswich pest control who is also a travel lover ws telling me that if you want to move away from the repetitive monotony of everyday life and have an unforgettable experience, look no further than Armenia. This crossroads of Europe and Asia is an opportunity to switch it up and try something completely new. You will find exciting attractions and a rich cultural heritage represented by the ancient sights. Delicious food is a must, as is an opportunity for extreme sports.

Visit the First Christian Country in the World 

Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion. This was back in 301 AD, thanks to Gregory’s effort, the Illuminator, and Armenian King Trdat III. When the country demolished pagan temples and erected Christian churches, the first was the Echmiadzin Cathedral. It became the first Christian cathedral in the world, and it still stands on Armenian soil. Other than this, there are more monuments dedicated to Christianity around Armenia. Majestic medieval architecture is also in plenty, adding a dramatic flair to the striking landscapes. Visit places like the mysterious Monastery of Gerhard that is over 800 years old. You can also fly over the deep gorge to the Monetary of Tatev. It is considered a pearl of medieval Armenian culture. 

Spectacular View at Mount Ararat

The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, is home to the astonishing landmark that is Mount Ararat. This awe-inspiring mountain was traditionally the symbol of the motherland for all residents, and it still is. Its mentions date back as far as the Great Floods, as mentioned in the Bible. The story tells of the high mountain as the place where Noah’s ark stopped after the flood. He settled on the Ararat Valley with his family. 

This beautiful mountain is visible from many parts of the capital, but you need to climb to the top of the Cascade to get a better view. You can also visit the observation area in Victory Park for a different perspective. 

Driving out to the monastery of Khor Vitap will reward you with an even more spectacular view where it is almost as if you can touch the mountain.

Experience the Longest Ropeway in the World 

The Tatev monastery presents an exciting way to travel, by rope. The longest Ropeway in the world to be more specific. It is 5.8 kilometers long and stands at 1050 feet above the picturesque gorge of the River Vorotan. It is a thrill 12-minute ride that will land you at the beautiful monastery built back between the 9th and 13th centuries. Thousands of tourists have used this sturdy mode of transport, so rest assured it is as safe as it is thrilling. 

Swim in the Inverted Sky

The waters at Lake Devan are so bright, it is hard to tell which part is the sky and which part is the lake. This lake is the largest and most beautiful in the Caucasus. The clean, fresh water is warm during the middle of the day, making it the perfect place to cool down after exploring. The pool has a magical effect of changing color, so it is a little piece of magic that goes a long way.